CARBON PRO | X10 HEAVY TRUCK 380V | 4000L/hour | PRO package


Technical Details:
Voltage AC (V): 380V
Power: 6500 W (6.5kWh)
HHO Gas Output Max: 4000 l/h
Max. Water Consumption (l/h): 1,1
Water refilling: manual
Water Tank Capacity: 64 liters
Autonomy: 60 hours
Dimensions – L x l x h (mm): 800 x 500 x 900 mm
Weight: 150 kg
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Additional Specifications:

📌 PDF Manual Included.
📌 Device Tested Before Shipping.
📌 Authorized CarbonPro™ Service Point On Our Partnerpage Included.
📌 Professional Standard Included
📌 Worldwide Support in English, French, German, Italian and Hungarian.
📌 Only Original and Tested Machines.
📌 Discounted access to Additional CarbonCleaning products. Special additives and promotional Gadgets.


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Gewicht 100 kg


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